Arthur’s Aquatics is about creating, improving and maintaining a happy and healthy environment for your aquatic animals. By helping you set-up your first tank or improve your current one with live plants etc. Also, I clean any size tank or set-up. If any of these services interest you please contact me. I charge £14 an hour, all associated costs are kept to a minimum. I am happy to discuss what is the right option for you and your pets. 

Cleaning Tetra Tank .jpg

 Not have time to clean your fish tank?

I am happy to clean any size or set-up of tank. I will also test your aquaruim water to help identify any problems. If warranted I will recommend changes to your maintenance or aquarium to keep your aquarium cleaner and pets healthier. Or, recommend new plant species to try.

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Want to get tropical fish but don’t know where to start?

I will help you from the start by helping you pick the right fish and equipment. This will also include free advice and demonstration along the following weeks to properly care for your aquatic animals and plants. Costs will be kept to a minimum throughout, via recommending choices like starting with a secound-hand tank.

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Are your pets as happy as they can be?

If you already have a fish tank and think it could benefit from live plants, restocking or something different, please contact me. Adding/ changing things like live plants to an aquarium can really help make a more stable ecosystem that can tolerate fluctuations that could harm your pets. And, help keep it cleaner!